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THUNKACON IS EATING YOUR MOM RIGHT NOW [entries|friends|calendar]
it will destroy your soul

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[October 7th, 2004 XD 12:48AM]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Okay, I'm putting my mod hat on.

Edit: I deleted this post.

It made MaDonna angry, which led to me being upset which led to me keeping my friend Nikki up and on the phone until five o'clock in the morning on a day when she has class at nine, which in turn made her upset, which in turn means that she'll probably wake me up at seven tomorrow to get back at me. Which is never good.


This is the gist:

I know you were all excited. HOWEVER. Please, please do not post like that to Newbies again. There is a reason they are new. I was incredibly embarassed when I read the forums this evening, specifically that thread (which I deleted). I know that I could say this privately, but I feel like it should be here for the future. We want to encourage people to post here, not scare them away and make ourselves look like the elitist community that everyone else in the world thinks we are.

There have been a lot of people on the boards that we can't stand. RainbowGal, RoseTint, and markcohensbabysmomma all went away on their own. Kim matured into a very nice girl who I'm excited to see posts from. We don't need to resort to this sort of behavior. I know that hyper_chick didnt' even get half of the things that you were insulting her with, I know that she makes your blood boil, I know that you're just trying to preserve the community, but it shouldn't resort to this.

You know that I love all of you. You've been there for me through some tough times and I've always been able to count on you and the boards to cheer me up, but we do have rules, and as much as I let everyone break them once in awhile, I try to do so with caution.

I know this probably won't make a lot of you happy, but I can't just dance around this. I was really, really upset when I read the boards tonight, and I'm not going to lie about that. I actually made Tara stop RPing so that I could try to go to bed. (But instead, of course, it is now five o'clock and I probably won't sleep tonight because my life sucks.) And I'm sorry I'm being so blunt, but I feel like it has to be said.

2 ♥ s // lessthanthree

[March 17th, 2004 XD 12:23AM]


[December 2nd, 2003 XD 4:57AM]

[ mood | tired ]

I was talking to Tara today, & I was reminded of something I meant to post aaaages ago. So, here it is. I guess it's kinda appropo...but if it's not, I'm really sorry; I wasn't part of last night so basically I want to stay out of it. That being said:

I was thinking about the "ST Girls." The 11. Whether or not people stick to those 11 is based on who the person is. I know I, personally, have no qualms about talking to other girls from the ST boards who are not part of the 11. Priority is usually on the 11, I'll admit. But that's a pretty big number. For a group that large to form such a bond is great. It would be one thing if we were all "OMG RENT IS AWSOME I AM GIDDY AND HAPPY ALL THE TIME" and got along...but we're not. We're all completely different, with a few common interests and/or traits. I think that's what makes this group so special. Our comfort levels are different, our giddiness levels are different (ie. me = weee!!) & our ages are certainly different. I love how we can all relate besides our differences in personality. I'm not saying we get along aaaall the time; we definitely don't. But I really think this is an incredible thing we have. (cliche alert!!) I have such a huge place in my heart for each of you, as a whole, but especially as individuals. Thank you.


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